Smart Parking
Smart Parking
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The need:

The CO2 emissions produced by the vehicles of drivers looking for a parking space have a significant impact on human health and the atmospheric burden of cities, as they represent 30% of traffic in cities. The average amount of time it takes to find a parking space is calculated at 20 minutes, increasing dramatically in densely populated areas.

At the same time, apart from accounting for a significant percentage of CO2 emissions, city traffic adds to emissions of other pollutants.

The solution:

Through the installation of parking sensors and the use of mobile applications, drivers can easily find free parking spaces. They can also use the routeing instructions for getting where they want to go.

The benefits:

Regulating the way drivers look for parking spaces drastically reduces the time they spend looking for a space and, by extension, traffic on the roads. This achieves a reduction in vehicle emissions and improvement in the urban environment. What's more, the municipality can manage parking spaces more effectively, as it will have real-time data on how long each vehicle is parked and on instances of illegal parking.

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