Smart Public Safety
Smart Public Safety
The need:

As the use of video surveillance continues to grow, the task of effectively processing and monitoring all live video streams becomes even more demanding.

The solution:

Network surveillance cameras, combined with the corresponding video analysis platforms, allows monitoring public places, detecting incidents and unusual activity in real time.
Alongside, response times are reduced and faster and more accurate activation of alarms and response is ensured, especially in cases of emergency, where every second counts.
The Smart Public Safety Solution provides:

  • Video Enhancer: Οptimizes raw video data in order to enhance the detection of events in an image and to improve analysis results.  
  • Protector Privacy: Obscures faces, persons or objects in surveillance videos in real-time through scrambling.  
  • Intrusion Detector: Detects the intrusion of persons or vehicles into controlled access areas.   
  • Object Detector: Detects unwanted objects in closed rooms.  
  • People Counter: Counts people passing through a defined area in a video stream.  
  • Face Collector: Detects and files faces in a video stream.  
  • License Plate Recognition: Recognizes license plates on vehicles and matches them with blacklists / whitelists.  
  • Traffic Analyzer Direction Control: Detects if an object moves in a given direction through a previously defined region  
  • Queue Detector: Analyzes queues in order to detect overcrowding.  
The benefits:

Data management through automated video surveillance, allows the evaluation and the most accurate in time and manner of response to incidents.
Public Safety is protected, as the solution does not identify persons or objects, but is able to evaluate the scene, allowing only specially authorized users (eg by court order) to review the unscrambled material.

How to get it

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