Smart Public Transportation
Smart Public Transportation
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The need:

Optimizing transportation by making them more reliable and sustainable for the city and its citizens.

The solution:

Improving the overall experience in the use of public transport through the use of smart technologies for real-time data analysis.

The benefits:
  • Public transport planning support: Optimize resource allocation and use a graphical imaging system to improve routing.
  • Improved vehicle maintenance: Collect data from vehicles and generate statistics on operating conditions and fuel levels, for improving maintenance activities.
  • Improve traffic management: Monitor vehicle location, support routing changes and record delays.
  • Traffic light management: Communicating with traffic lights and adapting them, providing a green path for public transport.
  • Ticket sale: Selling tickets on board, at points of sale, via the internet, through mobile applications, as well as from vending machines at stops.
  • Provide Passenger Information: Distribution of information on displays and monitors, through the system, the Internet, mobile phone applications and SMS-based systems.
  • Passenger Counting: Real-time measurement of the number of passengers using each vehicle.
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