Smart Cities


Modern cities face enormous challenges such as growth of population, environmental pollution, increased traffic, reduction of available budgets. To meet these challenges, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT), introduced new features that contribute in strengthening the sustainability and profitability of the urban environment via the participation of citizens, local authorities and local businesses in the daily city life.

OTE Group supports in practice the transition of current urban infrastructures into new, Smart City structures. Via innovative technologies IoT, it proposes solutions on highly important matters of everyday life and on the manner in which cities operate. These solutions are offered via a “smart” services provision platform and via a uniform network infrastructure even though they concern different aspects of the city life.


Smart Parking

CO2 emissions produced by the vehicles of drivers who are looking for a parking spot have a significant impact on human health and on the atmospheric burden of urban centers. 30% of traffic congestion is caused by drivers looking for a parking spot while at the same time urban traffic is causing a particularly significant percentage of CO2 and of other polluting elements emissions. By modulating the manner in which drivers look for parking spaces and by drastically reducing the search time, the proposed "smart" parking solution contributes to the improvement of the urban environment.

The solution is based on the installation of parking sensors by the Municipal Authorities, which via a mobile application will inform drivers where they can find free parking spaces and how they can get there. The application is expected to contribute significantly to the reduction of time spent looking for parking (20 minutes on average in urban centers) and, by extension, to the decongestion of traffic and to the reduction of emission of pollutants from vehicles. At the same time, the Municipality can more effectively manage the parking spaces since it will have a clear picture of the parking time of each vehicle and of every parked car that violates the Highway Code.

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