Smart Cities
Smart Cities ICT and IoT solutions for creating the cities of tomorrow.
Everyday life of the citizens can be improved and the urban environment can be protected with smart cities solutions.
Smart Parking

Drastic reduction in time spent looking for parking spaces, decongestion of roads and reduction of vehicle emissions.

Smart Lighting

50% reduction in energy consumption through replacing existing lighting fixtures, and 20% reduction through installation of a smart lighting system.

Air Quality Monitoring

Reduction of air pollution through better planning and appropriate actions.

Smart Waste Management

Optimization of waste collection, with the aim of immediate reduction of costs (up to 50%) and reduction of emissions.

Smart Water Management

Stabilisation of water pressure, measurement of water quality, detection of leaks and illegal connections, and reduction of energy consumption.

Buildings Energy Management

Reduction of energy consumption through measurement and monitoring that enable better planning and appropriate actions.

Smart Bench

Ability to move around the city without the hassle of charging mobile devices, and additionally collect data from the city.

Smart Public Safety

Data management through automated video surveillance, allows the evaluation and the most accurate in time and manner of response to incidents.

Smart Public Transportation

Improving the overall experience in the use of public transport through the use of smart technologies for real-time data analysis.

Smart City Dashboard

Utilizing large amounts of data that are collected through the use of Smart Cities applications, to improve the urban environment.

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