CR Stakeholder Survey

The purpose of the OTE and COSMOTE research is to explore the stakeholders' attitudes, opinions and perceptions on Corporate Responsibility in general, as well as on specific CR Programmes of OTE and COSMOTE.

The participating stakeholder groups were: Media, Authorities, Local Communities, Academia, NGOs, OTE & COSMOTE employees, mobile & fixed telephony subscribers, suppliers, as well as the Commercial Network. For practical reasons, the qualitative research was conducted in Athens, with a combination of methodologies, which included group discussions (focus groups) and personal in-depth interviews (in-depth interviews).

The results of this research reveal three key findings:
• All the stakeholders show deep interest in Corporate Responsibility.
• They state that special attention must be drawn to the human factor, by the companies. More specifically, Corporate Responsibility initiatives should cover the rapidly increasing needs of vulnerable social groups and children, as well as the ones that contribute to education and health sector.
• A new important topic for Corporate Responsibility, brought up by this research, was "young people and entrepreneurship".

Taking into account the above mentioned findings, the maintenance and, in some cases, the empowerment of Corporate Responsibility initiatives during 2012, related to special social needs, education, health and employees, prove the alignment of both companies with the main expectations of their stakeholders.

More specifically, offers by OTE and COSMOTE, addressed to vulnerable social groups, such as pensioners and people with special needs, the "Custom of Love" campaign of COSMOTE, the "Christmas Campaign" of OTE and the "Our world is you" initiative, through which COSMOTE supported families in need and the Greek region, prove that the two companies contribute to supporting the needs of Greek society's vulnerable groups. Additionally, the two companies are active in the sectors of health and education, through the Scholarships Programme, the donations of medical equipment to hospitals and support of preventive medicine campaigns.