People with Special Needs, the Elderly and Socially Vulnerable Groups

OTE and COSMOTE pay great attention to facilitating equal opportunities and accessibility to people with special needs, through special technology, services and discounts.

COSMOTE Services for People with Sight Disabilities:

a) MobiTalk: COSMOTE offers MobiTalk service to individuals with sight problems, in collaboration with the Institute for Language and Speech Processing. This service aims to make mobile phone use easier for these individuals, by installing high-tech software, via which all screen information are transformed to voice, while the user scrolls through menus. The service is offered free of charge.

b) Voice e-mail: This service provides people with sight problems with the ability to manage their electronic post easily. Via voice recognition technology, users are able to hear and answer their e-mails, by giving phonetic commands (free of charge), as well as hearing out loud their inbox. At the same time, they can forward, or erase, electronic messages.