Supporting Education

Training and development of "technological" skills is essential, both for the young and for people of all ages. OTE and COSMOTE implement and support programs and actions in this direction, in order to reduce the digital divide and to train the youngsters.

The companies plan, implement and participate in initiatives for the education of children and the youth of the country, in order to help them

a) cope with the major educational challenges,
b) prepare for professional and personal development,
c) and utilize the unlimited possibilities of technology and Information society.

At the same time, OTE and COSMOTE support the academic community and the Universities of the country by providing support for research and for connection to the market, by attracting talented students and by offering scholarships. Furthermore, focusing on the education of children and young people and in particular on the information and communication technology fields, OTE offers comprehensive educational programs and activities for children of all ages at the OTE Telecommunications Museum.

Scholarship Programs – Students Contests – Educational Programs 2014
Program Company Contribution

OTE- COSMOTE Scholarships Program: for students who face financial and social difficulties


50 Scholarships and Honorary Distinctions (20 Scholarships with full support for the whole duration of their studies-and 30 Honorary Distinctions).

Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for Primary School Children


• Financial support for the implementation of the competition
• Participation costs coverage for 150 groups
• Gifts to the 3 winning teams of the competition
• Promotion of the competition from OTE TV channels

ΟΤΕ-COSMOTE Graduate Trainee Program


10 talented young people, holders of postgraduate degrees, will participate in the 18- month program

"Access to the Digital World" Program


• Financial support for the implementation of the program
• Technological equipment for the conduction of the program

Scholarship Program at the American Farm School of Thessaloniki: students from South-East Europe (Greece, Albania and Romania) receive scholarships at the "Dimitris Perrotis " College, in fields such as agro-tourism, the food industry and environmental protection


3 scholarships awarded

Greek Mathematical Society Competitions ("Thalis", "Εuclides", "Archimides" National Competition for elementary school students)


Support of four national Competitions, with the participation of over 95,000 Elementary, Middle school and High school students.

Scholarships at the Department of Banking and Financial Management of the University of Piraeus


2 scholarships awarded to post-graduate students with exceptional academic performance

8th South Eastern European Mathematical Competition for University Students with International Participation (SEEMOUS)


Support of the Greek Team in Mathematical Olympics held in Romania

Work Experience and Skills Development Offered to Students


• Internship for 748 students in OTE Group
• 80 pupils and students participated in COSMOTE's Students Visit program

PC Donation Program


Computer and other technological equipment offered to schools and NGOs

National Student Competition " LYSIAS"


• Financial support for the conduction of the competition
• Gifts for the 12 winners
• Hosted LYSSIAS platform on the OTE server

Educational Programs at the ΟΤΕ Telecommunications Museum


Organization of educational programs concerning telecommunications, focusing on children, adolescents and families, offered free to the public and school groups

Panhellenic Competition of Student newspapers organized by the newspaper "ΤΑ ΝΕΑ"


Gifts for the 15 winners of the competition

The Public Awareness Section of the Environment Chapter presents additional information on environmental education activities for children.

OTE-COSMOTE 2014 Scholarships Program

With the OTE-COSMOTE Scholarships Program marking in 2014 its 13th year of implementation, 20 Scholarships and 30 Honorable Distinctions, amounting to € 374,360, were awarded to 50 young men and women, providing them great assistance for their studies. It is worth pointing out that the Scholarships Program was enhanced in 2014, by increasing the number and the amount of Honorable Distinctions.

More specifically, in 2014, OTE and COSMOTE offered 20 Scholarships of €20,0001 and 30 Honorary Distinctions of €3,0002 each, to first year students, for their studies in University departments of Tertiary Education Institutes in Greece. Since the beginning of the program, in 2002, a total of 166 Scholarships and 313 Honorable Distinctions have been awarded, worth more than €2.94 mn. In 2014, over 1,500 students have expressed their interest and more than 1,000 students applied to the program. In addition to the financial aid, the scholarship and honorary distinctions recipients of the academic year 2013-2014 also received free connection to an OTE Double Play 24Mbps Unlimited Plus Program, tablets and smartphones,  free of charge monthly fee on COSMOTE Cost Control Student contract plan, combined with a waiver of the monthly fee on COSMOTE Internet On The Go Student, for the official duration of studies for each faculty and free access to the ΟΤΕ TV Full Pack services for a year.

1) Legal taxes, excises, deductions, and any other expenditure necessary for receiving each scholarship shall burden each recipient separately. The net amount will be paid to the scholar in three (3) equal installments.

2) Legal taxes, excises, deductions, and any other expenditure necessary for receiving each honorary distinction shall burden each recipient separately. The net amount will be paid in a lump sum within a reasonable time frame.

Support of Educational Robotics Competition for Primary School Children

OTE and COSMOTE sponsored the 1st Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition, for primary school children, organized by the nonprofit organization WRO Hellas, with the valuable assistance of the Pan-Hellenic Informatics' Teachers Association (PEKAP), under the auspices of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs.

The competition under the theme "My town" is addressed to children 8-12 years old from all over Greece. It was launched in late October 2014 and was completed in March 2015. The target of the competition was to develop children's' talent, imagination and scientific skills, through the creation of a complete robotic construction-model.

As part of their sponsorship, OTE and COSMOTE developed a series of promotional and communication actions of the competition, while OTE TV was serving as the Communication Sponsor of the project. In addition, the two companies covered the cost of 150 entries and offered the rewards for the winning teams.

The contest is part of a wider effort to spread the new educational method STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) and its incorporation in the student instruction and education system in Greece.

PC Donation Program

For the 9th consecutive year, OTE and COSMOTE continued to contribute to the technical equipment of schools and non-profit organizations through the "PC Donation Program". In particular, both companies have delivered, in the last two years, 125 refurbished computers and other technological equipment. Apart from its social contribution, this action contributes to environmental protection, as the re-use of the computers conserves raw material and reduces electronic waste. 

"Access to the Digital World" Program

The "Access to the Digital World" program was initiated in 2012, in the Municipality of Ilioupolis, in cooperation with the NGO "50+ Hellas". With this program, OTE and COSMOTE seek to promote lifelong learning and enhance accessibility to the digital world of people 50 years of age and over, an objective embedded in their corporate responsibility strategy to support education and combat the digital divide.

The program offers free courses on the basics of computer and internet use to people older than 50 years with no previous computer experience. Two and four hour seminars are also offered on touch technology programs with smartphones and tablets, but also on learning about Skype and social media (Facebook, etc). OTE and COSMOTE provide all the necessary equipment such as computers, smartphones and tablets and the technical support of the program.

During the academic year 2013-2014 (the second year of implementation) 24 groups, with 20 people per group, received computer and internet lessons. Each group attended 2-hour classes twice a week for 6 weeks. In addition, 76 hours of seminars were offered. Approximately 480 people with an average age of 64 years participated. Attendance in the program was impressive as 88% of participants completed the program without absences.

On the third year of implementation (2014-2015), the program is to be extended to the municipality of Agios Dimitrios in Attica.

Educational programs at the ΟΤΕ Telecommunications Museum

The Telecommunications inventions of mankind from antiquity to the present day, in its attempt to overcome the barriers of space and time, compose the collection of the OTE Telecommunications Museum, a museum unique for ITC and among the few technology museums in Greece.The museum was founded in 1990 and has a collection of more than 4,500 ITC exhibits and rich archival material. It includes early telephones, morse telegraphs, wireless communication systems, early telefax devices, telex, fiber optics, a collection of old telegrams, the first Greek television studio and exhibits on the development of mobile telephony. A key activity of the Museum is its daily program of guided tours to school groups and individual visitors. At the same time, it organizes museum-pedagogical programs concerning telecommunications, specially tailored for children, adolescents and family groups.

During the period September 2013 - August 2014, the Museum received a total of 12,129 visitors, a considerable increase compared to previous years. During this period, the Museum implemented specialized educational programs, by category and age group and carried out events and exhibitions, such as:

  • Guided tour entitled "From Telecommunication inventions of the ancient Greeks to the satellite and mobile telephony ": attended by 7,563 visitors
  • Visual Art Workshops for parents and children 5 to 10 years old ("Tilefonoulis, Doryforakias, Fryktoridis, Captain Thales in Telecommunications Museum", "Guess what"): attended by 1,195 parents and children
  • The technology workshop "Explorer in Telecommunications Museum", for children 8-13 years: attended by 1,500 students
  • Awareness sessions for Internet Safety: attended by 243 students
  • "The Internet Farm" a theatrical play for Internet safety: attended by 943 students
  • Innovative programs for parents with children 7-14 years "Bullying, Learning Difficulties, Adolescence": attended by 685 visitors
  • Eight-days full of events, experiments, art workshops and special tours targeted at the whole family, in the scope of the International Museum Day: attended by 300 people
  • Two temporary exhibitions, "From the morse telegraph to the red phone" in the Science Center and Technology Museum "Noesis" in Thessaloniki (April-August 2014) and "Christmas Telecommunications Stories" at the National Research Foundation in Athens (December 2013): attended by more than 8,000 Guests

Although the majority of visitors to the museum are school groups, by organizing special events and innovative programs in the period September 2013 - August 2014, the percentage of individual has now reached 13% of the total visitors.

The OTE Telecommunications Museum, is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums - Greek Section), of CECA (International Committee for Education and Cultural Action) and of CIMUSET (International Committee of Museums and Collections of Science and Technology).

Work Experience Offered to Students and Skills Development

During 2014, OTE and COSMOTE provided an opportunity to 748 students (from universities, technical colleges, vocational training institutes) to complete their studies by doing internships in the OTE Group modern workplace.

Among students who are starting their career, OTE and COSMOTE is regarded as an excellent employment opportunity. The companies offer students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real working environment, to gain work experience, to be trained during the work (on-the-job training) and to develop skills that will help them perform better in the future. More information are presented in the section Human Resources.

In the same spirit, COSMOTE continued its Students Visit program, through which 180 pupils and students from 4 high schools and universities, visited the company to attend training programs on career guidance, technology and science, and to be informed about the technology of Base Stations and the operations of the company.

OTE- COSMOTE Graduate Trainee Program

In December 2014, the implementation of the first "OTE-COSMOTE Graduate Trainee Program" was announced. The program aims at attracting young, highly talented graduates no older than 28, with vibrant and dynamic personality and holders of a postgraduate degree to be selected through an extensive and demanding selection process. More information are presented in the section Human Resources.