Unified COSMOTE brand for OTE Group fixed, mobile and Internet services


-      A complete world of communications and entertainment with unified customer experience

As of today, OTE Group offers its customers an integrated communications and entertainment world, by establishing COSMOTE as the unified commercial brand for all its fixed and mobile telephony as well as internet services.

OTE and COSMOTE join their forces so that consumers and businesses alike can enjoy a unified world of integrated communications, entertainment and IT solutions, with a single point of reference and a unified experience at all contact points: shops, call centers and online.

The new communications world will offer advanced COSMOTE fixed, mobile and internet plans for all, as well as state-of-the-art COSMOTE Business IT Solutions for businesses and professionals. OTE TV pay-TV platform complements the unique COSMOTE communications portfolio. The group's retail network all over Greece becomes unified under the new COSMOTE brand. The rebranding will be completed within November, while selected central shops are being upgraded to offer customers a unique digital experience. Customer service numbers, 13888 for residential customers, and 13818 for business customers, as well as the website cosmote.gr, will provide a unified service to all fixed and mobile telephony customers. Moreover, mobile and fixed telephony customers can manage their bills through the revamped COSMOTE mobile application. The new brand offers solutions that simplify customers' lives, and promises to exceed  expectations with yet more market firsts.

Mr. Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO, stated: "The OTE Group has been leading communications developments in the country. OTE brought fixed telephony to every Greek household and high-speed internet to the market; COSMOTE made mobile telephony accessible to every Greek. We have built our long-standing relation with our customers  on trust. Today, we are taking a step forward by establishing a unified commercial brand. With OTE Group acting as the guarantor of quality, know-how and experience, the new COSMOTE brand from now on signals an integrated world of communications and entertainment, that offers state-of-the-art products and services. We strive to constantly improve for our customers as we want them to renew their trust in us and COSMOTE to become their love brand."

Establishing a unified commercial image is an evolutionary  step for the OTE Group, following its transformation into a modern competitive business, and the operational integration of its fixed and mobile units. The decision is consistent with market trends on both European and global level.

The new, green and blue COSMOTE logo is modern, powerful and multi-dimensional, encapsulating an integrated communications world. It "embraces" telecommunications needs with simplicity and quality, highlighting OTE's presence.

The TV campaign spot for the launch of the unified COSMOTE commercial brand is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReKRi8bn6Cw&feature=youtu.be