COSMOTE Double Play Fiber: New plans with speed up to 200Mbps & a Real Speed Guarantee for the first ever time ever


OTE Group, through its new COSMOTE Double Play Fiber and COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiber plans for households and businesses and the largest fiber optic network in Greece, offers new 100Mbps & 200Mbps Internet speed and provides, for the first time ever, a real speed guarantee.

New plans with 100Mbps & 200Mbps speed

The new COSMOTE Double Play Fiber plans are available as of today, offering unlimited Internet with up to 100Mbps or 200Mbps speed, unlimited calls to all national fixed line networks and 480 minutes to national mobile ones and/or calls to international fixed lines in 47 countries.

For business customers, the new COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiber plans with speed of 100Mbps or 200Mbps include 2000 minutes of voice calls to all national fixed line networks, unlimited calls to business intra-company mobiles, up to 600 minutes to national mobiles and up to 600 minutes to international fixed lines in 35 countries.

The new plans in detail:

Plans for residential customers

National fixed lines

National mobiles/international mobiles in 47 countries


COSMOTE Double Play Fiber 100XL



Up to 00Mbps


COSMOTE Double Play Fiber 200XL

Up to 00Mbps


Plans for business customers

National fixed lines

Business intra-company mobiles

National mobiles

International fixed lines in 35 countries



COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiber 100 Basic





Up to 100Mbps


COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiber 100 Full Pack



Up to 100Mbps


COSMOTE Business Double Play Fiber 200 Full Pack

Up to 200Mbps


Plans with a real speed guarantee for the first time ever

OTE Group provides a real speed guarantee to all its new and existing subscribers buying Double Play Fiber & Business Double Play Fiber plans with speed higher than 30Mbps. From now on, subscribers can be informed beforehand on their connection's real speed and make the most appropriate choice based on this information. In case the real speed is not the one initially communicated to the subscriber, then he/she can switch to the next lower speed plan at no further charge.

All new and existing customers, can acquire the new plans and be informed on the real speed guarantee at 13888, 13818, or at COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores.

Very fast internet to more than 2.7 million connections as of today

COSMOTE Fiber[1] is the largest fiber optics network in Greece. With a 43,000 km route, it enables more than 2.7 million households and businesses to enjoy high Internet speed and advanced broadband services through fiber optics.

Once the ongoing fiber optics expansion project is completed, approximately another 3 million households and businesses in 650 cities, towns and cities, namely more than 60% of country's connections, will also be offered this opportunity.

The ultimate goal and an integral part of OTE Group's technology plans is for fiber optics to reach home (Fiber to the Home) and business (Fiber-to-the-Business).

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[1]  The COSMOTE Fiber optics' network is owned by OTE S.A.