Health and Safety

Health, safety, and quality of life of the OTE Group employees is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the Group. Management and employees work systematically to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The Health and Safety issues are considered vital for the successful and sustainable future of the Group and have a direct impact on issues such as employee satisfaction, well-being, quality of work and corporate culture. Therefore, the OTE Group companies act proactively in this direction, considering the relevant provisions of Greek law and the respective management systems standards as minimum requirements. The OTE Group Health and Safety Policy aims to support the operational units of the Group.

All employees receive information and training to ensure implementation of Health and Safety standards at work. In this context, a basic training program is offered immediately after recruitment, and additional training is provided when significant changes occur to employees' tasks. The training covers the potential risks and the preventive measures that need to be taken. In addition, employees who work in difficult conditions, such as those employed in outdoor field work and climbers participate annually in training programs on the risks they face, the preventive measures to be taken and the checkpoints to be used.

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