Digital Transformation

OTE Group aspires to be the leading provider of digital services in Greece, but also to become a model company at European level for the transition to the new digital era. To achieve this goal, OTE Group, through its "Digital Transformation" program, invests in creating an integrated digital experience for its Customers, Employees and Suppliers-Partners, utilizing modern digital capabilities.

Costumers: The digital experience of customers at the center

  • Digital channels for simpler, faster and more efficient interaction and service (customer journeys)
  • Offer of unique experience with all the digital and ordinary channels (omnichannel)
  • Personalized content, tailored to the needs and wishes of customers
  • Provision of digital products and services that change the form of communication, entertainment and work

Employees: Simplification and improvement of internal operations, the way it works, development of digital skills and encouragement of creativity and innovation

  • Provision of universal access to tools and business features from any device and point
  • Simplification, automation and integration of processes and functions
  • Creation of unified workflows without ‘digital gaps' to reduce paper and bureaucracy at work
  • Development of digital channels for more direct collaboration and communication between employees

Partners and Suppliers: Simplification of transactions with partners and suppliers to save time and cost

  • Simplification of procedures and reduction of transaction time
  • Exchange of digital documents and receipts to save time and cost
  • Development of digital communication channels and transactions with existing and future partners

More information on the Sustainability Report 2016 and on the online presentation of the 2016 Sustainability Data.