Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management Systems

The compliance of an organization with the applicable regulations is an essential obligation for its responsible operation. The OTE Group Management and its stakeholders (mainly customers, shareholders and investors, the media, the state and the suppliers) effectively require the Group to comply with laws and regulations and to exhibit zero

tolerance for corruption, blackmailing and bribery

At OTE Group we have developed and implemented an Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM), aiming to safeguard a linear business model and the Group's future business success.

The ERM System supports the Management in making strategic decisions by identifying, evaluating, communicating and addressing corporate risks.

In the context of implementation of the OTE Group ERM System, the following Policy applies:

  • OTE Group Enterprise Risk and Insurance Management Policy

This policy describes the current requirements for enterprise risk and insurance management of the OTE Group and the corresponding responsibilities.

For OTE Group, the assurance of compliance is one of the top priorities. Compliance stands for a solid commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency, justice, and of respect to the rules; principles which are essential to govern the functions of the Group. To this respect, a Compliance Management System (CMS) has been established, whose main focus is on prevention. The System addresses the compliance of all - Employees and Management - with current legislation and internal Policies.

All the Employees and/or third parties (customers, vendors, partners, etc.) may report (nominally or anonymously) inappropriate conduct to Compliance channels and report any concern or complaint about potential violations of Company Policies or legislation.

More information in the 2017 Sustainability Report and on the online presentation of the 2017 Sustainability Data