Business Continuity

OTE and COSMOTE customers require from the companies to provide uninterrupted high quality telecommunication services as a break in the operation of the networks has a direct impact on the services provided. For this reason, the Group invests in the development of mechanisms for the timely recognition and treatment of situations that affect or are likely to affect the business continuity of the critical operations of the Group.

OTE and COSMOTE, in order to ensure the uninterrupted provision of quality telecommunication services and products, aim to achieve maximum degree of resilience and ability to cope with adverse and extraordinary circumstances.

In 2016, the OTE Group successfully completed the annual re-accreditation audit of ISO 22301: 2012 of the OTE and COSMOTE Business Continuity Management System.

More information in the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) section, on the Sustainability Report 2016 and on the online presentation of the 2016 Sustainable Data