Security and Data Privacy

Data is a key element of OTE Group operation. The security and privacy of personal data is a major requirement demanded by customers and a primary concern of the Companies of the OTE Group.

All OTE Group companies have adopted the Binding Corporate Rules on Privacy (BCRP), specifying how personal data must be collected, stored, and processed in the Group.

The companies also have in place policies covering information security topics (e.g. systems security, information security, human resources security, physical security).

Data privacy and security also play a key role in the development of products and services.

Our Privacy and Security Assessment (PSA) procedure allows us to review the security of our systems in each step of the development process. This procedure applies to newly developed systems as well as existing systems that undergo changes in technology or in the way data are processed.

All Group Companies have in place:

  • Privacy Policy for Communications, approved by the Hellenic Communications Integrity Assurance Authority. The purpose of the Policy is to ensure the confidentiality of communications and the protection of the corresponding communication data
  • Binding Policy for Privacy of Personal Data Privacy within the DT Group.
  • Separate policies / main safety standards, covering areas such as: - System security - Security of corporate information and personal data - Security of human resources

Moreover, awareness, information and education programs were implemented on information security, business continuity and physical security issues.

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