Responsible Business

At OTE Group we seek to set an example by operating responsibly at all levels and throughout its value chain.

For this reason, we have developed processes, policies, tools and mechanisms that allow its companies to manage issues regarding:

  • Risks and Compliance
  • Human Rights
  • Business Continuity
  • Quality, Environment and Energy
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Safe and Responsible Use of Technology
  • Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain

In addition, aiming to provide customers, employees and partners/suppliers with an integrated digital experience by utilizing the new digital capabilities, the Group is proceeding towards its digital transformation. The digital transformation is about designing and offering new digital products, developing the digital skills of its' employees, as well as simplifying transactions with suppliers and partners. 

More information about Responsible Business in the 2017 Sustainability Report and on the online presentation of the 2017 Sustainability Data