Sustainable Environment for All

The OTE Group realizes fully that, though low, there are environmental impacts associated with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) activities. At the same time, ICT products and services offer a number of opportunities for supporting sustainable development in many activities and sectors.

In this context, the objectives are:

  • The minimization of the environmental impacts from its activities.
  • The development and provision of products and services that enable environmental protection, and increases in productivity in other sectors of economic activity.
  • The raising of their stakeholders' awareness on acting more responsibly on the issue of environmental protection.

To achieve these objectives, our Group:

  • Implement energy conservation measures.
  • Strive to increase the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Integrate the principles of circular economy into its activities.
  • Develop specialized ICT products and services that meet customers' needs while contributing to environmental protection.
  • Ensure that the levels of electromagnetic fields of base stations comply with the public exposure safety limits.
  • Conform with the eco-design requirements applicable to the equipment provided.
  • Secure high ratings by international sustainability and SRI analysts, and participate in national and international award events that evaluate good practices.

Aiming at effective environmental management along the entire value chain, all telecom companies of OTE Group implement, in the context of the Integrated Management System, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified according to ISO 14001 standard. The systems share similar structure, approach and policy in which the commitment of our companies to environmental protection is stated.

More information about Sustainable Environment for All in the 2017 Sustainability Report and on the online presentation of the 2017 Sustainability Data