Human Rights Management

OTE Group recognizes the importance of human rights issues and enhances its strategy in accordance with the OTE Group Social Charter. At the same time, it is developing an integrated approach to managing these issues. Particular attention is paid to employees' rights, freedom of association and collective bargaining, diversity and equal opportunities. The Group declares that it fully supports banning all forms of forced labor and contributes to the effort to abolish child labor.

To contribute to the protection of human rights, even beyond the limits of its operations, OTE Group asks its suppliers to respect and safeguard human rights. The Group respects the right to freedom of expression and to confidentiality of data and operates fully in accordance with the legislative framework currently in force.

The OTE Group Code of Conduct includes basic rules of conduct as well as principles and values, such as equality, respect for diversity, integrity, morality, transparency and personal responsibility. The above constitute a mode of operation and lead to the adoption of a common "corporate culture".

The management of human rights issues by the OTE Group is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the corresponding approach by the DT Group.