Responsible Communication with Customers

OTE Group communicates with its customers with responsibility and sincerity.

OTE and COSMOTE conform fully to the applicable laws and regulations regarding communication and advertising. The Marketing Communications Strategy, Fixed and Mobile, reviews all promotional material prior to its release to ensure that the contact material complies with applicable laws and is appropriate, fair, sincere and respects diversity. The companies follow the Committee of Communication Control's (CCC) Code of Responsible Marketing.

Moreover, OTE and COSMOTE are committed to clear, simple and transparent communication of pricing issues, in accordance with the current regulatory framework, as well as to provide a high level of service to their customers. OTE's product pricing and / or services are regulated by HTPC and promote effective competition for the benefit of consumers.

OTE Group considers it particularly important to supply safe products manufactured in accordance with the International Directives and Regulations. It does not distribute to the market products or services that are subject to prohibitions or the stakeholders (customers, consumer association, local society, etc.) have moved to prohibit their use. Suppliers are obligated to attach the required certification of their products and to pay compensation for any damages due to noncompliance with European and national legislation.

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