Responsible Competition

OTE Group, with respect to the consumer, promotes a truly responsible competition. It also recognizes its role, complies with the laws of free competition and applies transparent business practices.

OTE Group is firmly committed to comply with national and European telecoms and television regulations in Greece and the countries where its subsidiaries operate. It is committed to cooperate with government agencies, enterprises and other stakeholders, in order to ensure a regulatory framework that strengthens healthy competition and at the same time contributes to the overall social well-being.

The OTE Group Policy to comply with the legal basis of free competition, which came into force in 2013, sets out the operating framework for OTE Group companies and employees, according to the free competition legislation.

Regarding the regulatory framework, the provision of electronic communications networks and services in Greece is governed by both the European Union and national competition law as well as by specific regulations for the electronic communications sector.

Given that the new telecommunication technologies are critical to future economic growth, social support and sustainability, the OTE Group plays an important role in sectorial and multi-stakeholder forums, associations and initiatives, both nationally and on a European level, in order to promote responsible competition, self-regulation and cooperation on social issues. Some of the most important relevant participations of OTE and COSMOTE in 2016 are:

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