Energy and Climate Change

OTE Group recognizes that climate change is a global environmental problem the impacts of which affect its operation and stakeholders, and the whole range of anthropogenic activities.

In this context, a comprehensive program has been formulated and implemented that includes:

(a) the monitoring of energy consumption,

(b) the calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) and other gas emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol,

(c) the identification of priorities, based on the results of the emission inventory,

(d) the implementation of measures for the reduction of energy consumption and the associated GHG emissions.

In addition, OTE Group companies participate in the climate change strategy of DT Group which has set a reduction target of 20% for the DT Group's COemissions by 2020 (with 2008 as the base year). 

OTE Group (Greece) has secured, for the 7th consecutive year, from PPC S.A., one of its electricity providers for 2017, Guarantees of Origin (GOs), assuring that for the total electricity consumption from PPC S.A., an equivalent amount of energy has been produced from Renewable Energy Sources.

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