I Offer & Televoting Services

"I Offer" Service

COSMOTE collaborates with the other two mobile operators (VODAFONE and  WIND HELLAS) to provide the service "I Offer", with  the aim of providing substantial support to social institutions and NGOs. Through this service, these institutions and NGOs make use of short messages (SMS) to carry out radio and TV marathons. Specifically, the service operates three 5-digit numbers dedicated exclusively to charity contributions.

Activation of the service requires filing out an application by the NGO, and the submission of required documents. Each SMS costs € 1.23 including VAT and the net revenues (VAT excluded) which result from the use of the service is given to the charitable institution that made use of the service.

Televoting Service

The "Televoting" service, provided in cooperation with NGOs- amongst others- offers active and substantial support to them. The "Televoting" services' enhanced Service Number- series, are also used in the conduction of radio and TV marathons. Specifically, COSMOTE fixed telephony subscribers calling the Televoting service, and listening to a recorded message, are charged automatically, according to company's official tariffs. With the "Televoting" service the charitable work of the NGOs is supported, through the financial support provided by the income collected from the use of the service.