Educational Robotics

COSMOTE contributes to the promotion of educational robotics in Greece. As a Strategic Partner of WRO Hellas , COSMOTE aims at the development of digital skills through educational robotics. It invests in young people and through technology and innovation, contributes to make a better world for everyone.

Educational Robotics is based on the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational method. Through the combination of science, mathematics, engineering and technology, for the creation of a robotic construction, children develop new abilities, team spirit, their imagination and creativity.

The 9th National Contest World Robot Olympiad™ is one of the activities implemented by WRO Hellas, with COSMOTE, as a strategic partner, in order to enhance the spread of educational robotics in our country.

9th National Contest World Robot Olympiad

The 9th National Contest World Robot Olympiad, organized with great success by WRO Hellas (Non-Profit Organization Educational Robotics, Science and Technology), along with COSMOTE as strategic partner and took place at Saturday 1st of July at the Olympic Stadium of Athens. 

More than 500 students from Primary, Junior High and High schools all over Greece participated in the final, designed and constructed sophisticated robotic constructions based on the theme "Robots for Sustainable Development" (Sustainabot).

However, eleven teams of students secured the "ticket" for their participation at Educational Robotics Olympiad- WRO™ (World Robot Olympiad) in Costa Rica, along with more than 600 teams from all over the world.


The eleven winner teams per category are:

  • Regular Primary school: The Robocaptains and Linkage, Independent Teams
  • Regular High school: The Pythagoras team from Leonteion lyceum of N.Smyrni and Robot Direction team from 13th High school of Larisa.
  • Regular lyceum: The Independent Le Velo and Kalamata Storm II teams from the Robotics &  Programming center of Kalamata
  • Open Primary school: The SMARTBIRDS NEXT team from Patra's Primary Schools  (44th & N. Souliou)
  • Open High school:  The Independent G.R.I.D Team
  • Open Lyceum: The Minders from the Educational Renaissance
  • Advanced Robotics Challenge: 2 teams from University of Macedonia
  • Football: The bitbot2 team from bitLab

Highlights from   the Final of this contest can be found in the above video.