Educational Robotics- STEM

The students of the Greek teams are preparing for the World Robot Olympiad WROTM 2018!

12 teams from Greece, emerged from the National Educational Robotics WROTM Final, held in Athens.
The teams will participate in the 14th World Robot Olympiad WROTM 2018, which will take place from the 16th to the 18th of November in Chianf Mai, in the northern part of Thailand, along with students from over 60 countries. The main theme of this year's Olympiad is, "Food Matters", focusing on the ways of growth, sharing and consuming food, in order to achieve the United Nations' No 2 Sustainable Development Goal, "Zero Hunger". 

Since the begging of the National Competition, in May, more than 900 students from all over the country, created and programmed robotic constructions, to give solutions to critical issues of our planet, such as sustainable food production, the improvement of the quality and safety of nutrition, as well as the termination of hunger. The Competition is organized by WRO Hellas, with COSMOTE, as a strategic partner.

COSMOTE, in the framework of its sustainability strategy, supports initiatives for the development of children and young people's digital skills, contributing to a better world for all!

The importance of STEM educational method

Based on STEM, educational robotics help students to better understand science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is important that today's students develop the necessary skills, such as teamwork and project management with focus on problem solving, in order to handle future challenges in the labour market*.

COSMOTE STEM Initiatives

COSMOTE, the last 5 years, as a strategic partner of Non-Profit Organization of Educational Robotics, Science and Technology WRO Hellas, is implementing a series of initiatives in order to disseminate the STEM (Science – Technology-Engineering–Mathematics) educational method to the Greek educational system. Educational Robotics is based on S.T.E.M educational method. Combining science, mathematics, engineering and technology in building a complete robotic construction-model, it strengthens the ability of children to acquire new skills while it promotes team work and creative thinking.

The actions implemented by the strategic partnership of COSMOTE and WRO Hellas are the Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for Primary school, Junior and Senior High- School Student, as well as the National stages for the World Robot Olympiad, organized by WRO Hellas the last 10 years. Through these stages, the Greek teams participating annually in the World Robot Olympiad™ are selected.  

Until now, the students' participations in the educational robotics competitions have exceeded the 12,000, while, annually, more than 1,000 teachers are participating in the relevant educational workshops.  

Moreover, COSMOTE supports the participation of Greek teams in World Robot Olympiad™ and has provided more than 400 educational robotics kits to students' teams from all over the Greece.  

WRO Hellas

The Non-Profit Organization of Educational Robotics, Science and Technology WRO Hellas is the main organizer of robotics educational competitions in Greece and in the broader area of Southeast Europe. WRO Hellas is the official organizer of the World Robot Olympiad – W.R.O. in Greece.  

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* Find Labor Market Data for 2030 at the following link: