Children’s Hospitals Equipment

Children and their needs are one of the OTE Group's unwavering priorities.

Over the last six years, OTE Group has allocated more than € 500,000 to purchase equipment for 11 hospital units for children nationwide, caring for more than 85,000 children. 

In collaboration with "Pediatric Trauma Care", the OTE Group has helped set up 3 Trauma Centers:  at General Hospital of Karpenissi, at the ''Karamandaneio'' General Hospital of Patras and at the ''Ippokratio'' General Hospital of Thessaloniki. Τhese Trauma Centers enable hospitals to respond within the first hour after the injury (widely known as the Golden Hour).

Additionally, OTE Group has contributed to the healthcare equipment of eight hospitals in Athens, Alexandroupoli, Arta, Larissa and Heraklion Crete, in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations.