Sea Hero Quest: A Mobile Game to help scientists fight dementia!

COSMOTE contributes in the research against dementia through the "Sea Hero Quest", a mobile game which aims to deploy technology and innovation to help scientists fight dementia.

It is the first game in the world aiming to study the way the human brain navigates in space. Its purpose is to bring scientists closer to the development of new diagnostic tools and treatments for dementia.

Dementia is expected to affect more than 135 million people worldwide, by 2050*. Nowadays, in Greece, 197.000 people are suffering from dementia, while this number is expected to rise to 354.000 by 2050**.

One of dementia's first symptoms is the loss of navigational skills, even in places that the patients know well. In the "Sea Hero Quest", players are asked to find their way through labyrinths, while anonymous data of their navigation will be tracked and securely stored to create the world's largest crowd sourced database. 

By playing "Sea Hero Quest" for 2 minutes, the data volume generated is equal to what scientists would collect in a 5-hour, lab based research. Respectively, if 100.000 people play the game for about 2 minutes, the collected data would correspond to more than 50 years of research.

"Sea Hero Quest" is available for free through App Store and Google Play. It is a game designed for everyone, regardless of their gender and age. Therefore, everyone can play and participate through their smartphone or tablet.

The game was created through the collaboration of the Deutsche Telekom Group with Alzheimer's Research, the University College of London (UCL), the University of East Anglia (UEA), and the Mobile Game developing company, Glitchers. For more information, visit

Sea Hero Quest: The story behind the app

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* According to the "The Global Impact of Dementia" (2013-2050) report.
** According to the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI).