Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not on Your Mobile

For all of you who perceive safety as more important than any SMS or call, we have a life message to convey in order to raise awareness within the context of our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Mobile phones must not be used while driving. We know it; but not all of us apply it.

Drivers using their mobile phone while driving have four times more chances to cause an accident. They are all aware of the danger. However, 54% keeps using a mobile phone while driving, as concluded from a research realized in 2015 by the "Panos Mylonas" Road Safety Institute. Is there a chance that you belong to this percentage?

Over the past few years, the use of smart devices is not limited to a message or a call, but, moves even further into the "driving selfie" age, where photos or videos while driving become a habit. This is proved by research conducted by the American company AT&T, demonstrating that 1 out of 10 drivers admitted recording a video while driving – and 27% of them does not find it dangerous!

Unfortunately, younger generations are more vulnerable to the use of smart devices; in fact, they are fully addicted to them. According to a global research, young people aged 18-24 check their mobile phone 82 times per day on average (Deloite 2016). A recent report, published by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), illustrates a series of high-risk factors of provoking or getting involved into an accident; these are related mostly to young people aged 18-25 using mobile phones while driving. The combination of mobile use and driving can be a lethal one and, thus, even the youngest should become aware of this in the most straightforward way.

We continuously aim to inform the public about road safety and mobile phone usage. We have established a long-term relationship with the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) "Panos Mylonas", and have supported the development of its educational app, called "World Of Asphalt" (available in Google Play & iTunes). COSMOTE also supports the School of Road Behavior "Iaveris" and its initiatives, from 2009 until today.

Therefore, we put into action our commitment to take care of people's safety and we keep on backing up activities that are to the benefit of all of us. So, always remember: no phone call or message while driving is more important than life.