• OTE TV launches OTE HISTORY, a new channel dedicated to Greek history and civilization.
  • COSMOTE Home Speed Booster is launched, combining, for the first time in Greece, fixed and mobile internet speeds, through Hybrid technology, for fixed internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps.
  • OTE TV reaches 460.000 subscribers in April.
  • The OTE Group announces the donation of more than €600,000 to the Hellenic Coast Guard for 2015-2016 for the repair and maintenance of ships and vessels operating mainly in the Eastern Aegean sea, as well as for the procurement of rescue equipment.
  • OTE Group, in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, announces the offering of free wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) services at the top 20 archaeological sites and museums in Greece.
  • 100,000 subscribers are already enjoying the new OTE TV hybrid environment that combines the benefits of both the satellite platform and iptv.
  • The rapid growth of the Group's new generation fixed-line and mobile networks resulted in June, in population coverage of more than 85% for 4G , 64% for 4G+ and 42%. For VDSL.
  • COSMOTE contributes to research on dementia through a unique Mobile Game, the "Sea Hero Quest", placing technology and innovation to the service of people.


  • COSMOTE unified brand is established for  all fixed, mobile, and internet services.
  • COSMOTE One, an integrated world of communication and entertainment and COSMOTE Business One,  a world of communication and technology for businesses, are commercially launched.
  • OTE Group launches 4G+ mobile network and is the first in Greece and among the first in Europe, to commercially launch 4G+ speeds up to 375Mbps. At the end of the year, the company demonstrated first in Greece and among the first in the world, mobile internet speeds up to 500Mbps.
  • At the end of the year, 4G population coverage exceeds 80% and VDSL 40%.
  • OTE TV reaches 445.000 subscribers.
  • OTE becomes the first Greek company, after more than a year, to raise €350 million through a new four-year fixed-rate bond issue in the international markets.
  • OTE Group started the transformation of its fixed network to All IP, aiming to provide top quality IP telephony, high definition (HD) voice, and value added services.
  • The Group's subsidiary in Albania, AMC, is renamed to Telekom Albania. 


  • A new collective labor agreement is signed, securing job positions for the following three years.
  • OTE TV secures rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League from 2015 until 2018.
  • OTE secures rights to use radiofrequencies in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands in Greece (1.11.2014-28.2.2030). Investment worth €134.8mn.
  • OTE Group's subsidiaries in Romania, Cosmote Romania and RomTelecom transform to Telekom Romania Mobile Communications and Telekom Romania Communications respectively and share a common corporate identity as Telekom Romania
  • OTE announced the signing of an agreement to sell its 99.05% stake in Hellas Sat which manages the HellasSat2 satellite, to Arabsat, the leading satellite services provider in the Middle East and Africa and one of the world's top satellite operators. OTE will receive total proceeds of €215 million from the sale.
  • OTE successfully completed the bookbuilding process for the issue of €700 million, 5-year Fixed Rate Notes. The issue was oversubscribed 2.7 times, with the demand set at an amount in excess of €1.9 billion.
  • A groundbreaking, for the Greek market, Company Collective Agreement (CCA) was signed between OTE Management and employee representatives on the working hours at OTE shops.
  • OTE sold Globul for €717 million to Telenor.
  • OTE TV exceeded 250,000 subscribers, more than doubling the 100,000 subscriptions of 2012. This development is changing correlations in the pay TV market in Greece.
  • OTE Group announced investments of over 1.2 billion euros in the next four years in Greece mainly in New Generation Networks.
  • OTE received an award for Corporate Responsibility activities in accordance with the National Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index). OTE was awarded the highest category «PLATINUM» for its CR actions.
  • OTE has topped   a survey by Transparency International-Greece on the level of disclosure of the anti-corruption programme implemented by the largest companies in Greece (with revenues exceeding €1 billion).
  • One year since the launch of Next Generation networks by the OTE Group, as in late 2012 OTE offered VDSL services to consumers and COSMOTE was the first company to launch a 4G network in Greece. At the end of 2013 ΟΤΕ Group could provide to over 1 million households access to OTE VDSL services and 4th generation mobile data services to 55% of the population offering more than twice the coverage provided by other networks.
  • OTE announced the successful completion of its Voluntary Exit Schemes, launched in November in the context of the company's transformation process through socially responsible solutions. With the initial targets significantly exceeded, 1,827 employees accepted the incentives offered by the company, mainly from the tranche that included employees close to retirement. Net annual cost savings for OTE are estimated to about €94 million.

• Two Voluntary Retirement Incentives Programs were proposed and successfully completed by OTE, where 1,516 employees have accepted the incentives offered by the company. The programs are part of the effort to transform the company through socially responsible solutions that respect the employees and their offer and do not burden the insurance funds, since OTE bears the entire cost.
• With the innovative initiative "your", OTE offers the opportunity for the first time in Greece, to SMEs and freelancers to promote their business on the Internet, easily, quickly and free of charge for a whole year, through a specially designed website, at and through a simple and handy tool.
•  By late November, OTE has launched VDSL, the fastest Internet service ever. With speeds up to 50 Mbps, VDSL from OTE is changing our everyday Internet experience providing new capabilities for faster downloading of files, great High Definition and uninterrupted video-streaming, as well as direct uploading, sharing of photos and video.
•  More than 100 thousand subscribers have registered in mid-October for the subscriber base of OTE TV, as the service is steadily gaining the preference and trust of viewers. The dynamic growth of the subscriber base of OTE TV follows the continuous strengthening of the platform with new channels, advanced services and content in high definition.
•  A new era of prices has started in May for the customers of OTE, who are able to enjoy the new Double Play Unlimited Plans that combine Conn-x and unlimited telephony to fixed lines, as well as reduced prices of up to 25%.
• Six new athletes with diligence, perseverance, and dedication were able to achieve their goal and with considerable distinction have supported OTE and COSMOTE. This is about an initiative of the two companies, entitled #MHSTAMATAS (DON'T STOP) that aims, through sports, to focus and highlight young people, who are the driving forces of the country.


• OTE signed an agreement for the sale of the minority stake it held in Telecom Serbia's share capital for approximately 400 million euro. 
• Bringing a new era for pay TV services in Greece, OTE presented OTE TV Via Satellite service and integrated all existing pay TV services under one brand, OTE TV.
• A three-year Collective Labour Agreement was signed between OTE and OME-OTE. With this Agreement, OTE achieves significant reduction of personnel costs as well as secures employment for the company's personnel, through the  reduction of weekly working hours.
• In order to improve customer experience and further upgrade its products and services portfolio, OTE:
-  integrated all technical and commercial customer service numbers under one common number, namely 13888, 
- simplified customers' bills, redesigned corporate website and initiated OTE shops remodelling.
• Deutsche Telekom acquired an additional 10% of Greek State shares, including voting rights, thus increasing its stake in OTE to 40% - the Greek State's participation stands at 10%.
• As of February 2011, OTE was ready to provide high broadband speeds up to 50 Mbps, via its new optical fibre network. Up until year end the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission had not allowed the company to offer such services to consumers.

• Michael Tsamaz assumes the position of OTE Chairman and CEO.  The OTE Board of Directors appoint Mr. Tsamaz Chairman and CEO of OTE, on 3rd November
• Conn-x TV, OTE's IPTV service, is available at almost 400 points of presence nationwide and expanding to all prefecture capitals, major cities, islands and areas with small populations. Conn-x TV subscribers enjoy over 48 thematic television channels with digital clarity, including three exclusive sports channels, as well as Video on Demand services  with regularly updated content
• OTE, together with COSMOTE, become sponsors of the Special Olympics World Games ATHENS 2011
• OTE is included in the global list of the top 1000 sustainable performance leaders, according to an international survey based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
• OTE moves forward towards the broadband of the future with the deployment, for the first time, of a new Generation Access Network (NGA network) of FTTC/ VDSL2 technology, in various municipalities around Greece. The aim is to provide end-users with very high-speed broadband services with improved quality characteristics. OTE has installed over 1.5 million ADSL ports in more than 1,500 different points of presence nationwide
• OTE delists from the New York Stock Exchange
• OTE once again qualifies in the semi-annual review, for inclusion in the FTSE4Good Global Index Series for social responsible companies
• The OTE 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report is externally assured under the international AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard. It is also upgraded to GRI G3 Β+ rating
• For the fifth time during recent years, OTE upgrades ADSL speeds throughout Greece, without any additional cost for customers. The ADSL access speeds offered include : 2Mbps / 512 Kbps and up to 24Mbps / 1 Mbps
• OTE wins the award for Best Corporate Governance in Greece, in the 2010 Corporate Governance Awards


• OTE presents Conn-x TV, changing the way we watch television. It is based on IPTV technology, making it possible to transmit television signal via telecom cables, in particular through an ADSL broadband connection. Conn-x TV includes over 40 channels with digital signal, allowing a viewer to watch the content they desire, whenever they wish
• Development of broadband continues nationwide, with active ADSL connections exceeding 1,1 million. OTE provides broadband connections to more than 1500 points of presence throughout the country, corresponding to about 95% of the country's telephone connections
• An additional 5% of Greek State shares, including voting rights, are sold, thus bringing Deutsche Telekom stake in OTE to 30% and 20% for the Greek State
• COSMOTE completes Telemobil SA (Zapp) acquisition in Rumania
• COSMOFON-owned by COSMOTE- sale in FYROM completed
• COSMOTE owns 100% of GERMANOS, the top telecom retail chain in the broader Southeast region, with 1075 shops.   


• OTE holds 100% of COSMOTE shares and thus the company is delisted
• Deutsche Telekom signed shareholder agreement with the Greek government, via which, as of 5th November, each has a 25% stake plus one share in OTE share capital
• OTE completed merger of OTENET, through absorption
• Annual 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report was certified according to the "G3" GRI international guidelines
• OTE  first joined the international «FTSE4Good» Index Series, which measure company performance, meeting globally recognised corporate responsibility standards
• OTE ADSL connections in Greece exceeded 970,000 while OTE network points of presence reached 1.390 countrywide
• New ‘Hellas SAT net! Home' service, offered by HELLAS SAT subsidiary, allows for permanent, free internet access to areas where there is no land interconnection infrastructure or any other telecom means
• OTE soft launch of conn-x TV (IPTV) to a limited number of existing clients for a trial period


• OTE broadband connections came to 825,000, while available ports surpassed 1,200,000 
• New speeds available reaching 24Mbps 
• Successful completion of the 2-year national program "OTE on the Broadband" aiming to inform people regarding broadband and new technologies. The program visited in total 33 cities-stations and had over 28.000 visitors
• Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2006 was certified according to the "G3" international guidelines of the GRI
• The Greek State sales 10.7% of OTE share capital to institutional investors.

2006 - 2005 

Broadband technology development and expansion

• Broadband connections surpassed 500.000 in the end of 2006 – 10 times more than 2005
• Broadband speed was doubled in 2006 
• "OTE on the Broadband" 2-year programme started in 2006 having as its main objective to inform people on broadband technology.

2004 - 2000

2004: OTE and COSMOTE act as Grand National Sponsors of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
- OTE raises its stake in RomTelecom to 54%
- OTE launches ADSL services in the Greek market 
- 14 MAY 2003: Laucnching of Satellite Hellas Sat2 from Cape Canaveral

2001-2003:  OTE ranks, stock wise, among the 500 largest organizations globally and among the 10 largest telecommunications organizations in Europe

2001: ΟΤΕ operates within the deregulated telecommunications market 

 OTE acquires a GSM License in Bulgaria and establishes Globul to exploit this license

1998 - 1990

- Third public stock offering
- OTE is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
- OTE acquires an initial 35% stake in RomTelecom, the incumbent telephony company in Romania

1997: Second successful public stock offering

- ΟΤΕ is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (IPO)
- ΟΤΕ is expanding its market in the Balkans, SE Europe and in the Midlle East
- The idea of ISDN and satellite television is formed

1994: The Network Management System is operational originally in Athens (N.M.S)
-The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission is established(, it's the regulatory authority of the telecommunication market
The first 350 cardphones

1991: Videoconference Service.

- Widespread use of fiber optics
- The HELLASPAC public network commences commercial operations

1989 - 1979
20 November 1989: The first fully digitized switching center of the AXE-10/ERICSSON system in Patras is operational.

1989: The first fully digitized switching centers (long-distance and hub) of the EWSD/SIEMENS system

1988: Partial operation of the first fully digitized international switching center according to the international communication standards (C.C.I.T.T)

1987: Paging service

1986 :The Thermopylae Inmarsat Land Earth Station in CSC commences commercial operations

1981 : The New MT-20  International Electronic Switching Centre in Athens is operational

1979 : The International Electronic Teletype Centre in Athens is operational 

1974 - 1965

1974: Construction of international networks (submarine cables and radio-links)

September 1972: Construction of the second antenna of the Center of Satellite Communication  in Thermopylae 

 Yellow Pages

April 1970: Installation of the first antenna of the Centre of Satellite Communication in Thermopylae (the 6th in Europe)

1969: The automatic-semiautomatic International Teletype Centre in Athens becomes operational

1968: Laying of the submarine cable Greece-Italy, MED 3

1965: Automation of the Greek long-distance telephone network

1962 - 1949

1962: Automation of the TELEX service begins

1957: The TELEX service becomes operational

1953: The first Greek telephone directory is published

10 November 1949: OTE S.A commences commercial operations

23 October 1949: ΟΤΕ S.A is founded (act.1049/49)