We support Culture

At OTE Group we consistently support activities that contribute to the preservation and the promotion of our cultural heritage.  With technology as vehicle, education as orientation and culture as destination, we actively demonstrate our interest to protect cultural heritage and to also promote contemporary artistic creation.

We express and demonstrate our support for our cultural heritage with a multitude of sponsorship activities throughout Greece, which are implemented with the expertise and the innovative products of our Group.

Advanced broadband services (Wifi) in 20 archaeological sites

COSMOTE, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sport , will provide Wi-Fi services in the 20 largest archaeological sites and museums of the country, based on their importance and visibility. The total investment exceeds € 2 million and includes the design, development and implementation of the required wireless network infrastructure in areas selected by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the provision of the necessary equipment, the operation and maintenance of the networks, as well as the Free wireless Internet services for a period of three years.

The goal is to promote our country, our cultural heritage and our history through the development of new interactive and modern ways for guided tours and exhibit presentations.

Wi-Fi services have already been made available at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens and the Archaeological Museum in the Medieval Town of Rhodes.  The Acropolis of Santorini, Delphi and Delos are being  added this summer to the list of archaeological sites.

Wi-Fi services will be gradually installed in the following archaeological sites: Acropolis of Athens, Knossos Archaeological Site, Sounion Archaeological Site, Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina), National and Archaeological Museum, Ancient Olympia, Archaeological Museum Ancient Olympia, Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Lindos Acropolis, Ancient Epidavros, Acropolis of Mycenae, Spinalonga, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Ancient Dodoni and Ancient Corinth. 

Technology takes the leading role in the underwater expedition in Antikythera.

With great success and the crucial contribution of OTE's and COSMOTE's new age networks continue to support the underwater expedition of the Antikythera shipwreck , titled «Return to Antikythera».

We equipped the island with telecommunication infrastructures in order to satisfy the telecommunication and promotional needs of the expedition team, to ensure effectiveness of their work and to help them share their findings both in Greece and abroad.

We actively participated in the joint effort of the state, the business world and the scientific community to promote culture as a valuable asset for the development of Greece. The new generation networks have eliminated distances, connecting this historic place with the whole world, forever.

Periodic Exhibition "Antikythera Shipwreck: The Ship, the Treasures, the Mechanism", National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Since April 2012, when the periodic exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum titled "The Shipwreck of Antikythera: the ship, the treasures, the mechanism" opened its doors to the public, more than 370,000 people had visited it.

From the 2012 to 2014, when the exhibition was closed, OTE Group supported this significant exhibition, with many and parallel activities such as the creation of a mobile App used as a guided tour for the exhibition, an e–learning program for teenagers 15 years or older, an internet corner that provides free access to the internet for visitors.  We gave the opportunity to more than 1200 elementary-school students to learn about the technological achievements of our forefathers by visiting the exhibition and the museum through the hospitality programs we implemented.

In order to keep the exhibition available for viewing, even after the exhibition had expired,, we supported the development an application for 360o recreation of the exhibition which can be found on the official website of the National Archaeological Museum.

Restoration of the National Observatory of Athens, on Nymphs Hill at Thissio

An important contribution of OTE Group was the restoration of the Doridis building and Telescope, which was built in 1870 and is located at the National Observatory of Athens in Thissio. Our highly-trained technical staff provided all the necessary expertise and capacity, and undertook the restoration of all electrical and mechanical problems of the historic telescope and they also repaired the structural problems of the building. 

Modern Artistic Creation at the Onassis Cultural Centre

OTE Group supports the extensive work of the House of Letters and Arts, which includes more than 90 productions in the theater, music, visual arts, lectures and conferences aimed to promote Greek culture, and education programs with tours, interactive games for children, workshops and seminars for adults, school groups, young people and families.

The Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown , at Onassis Cultural Centre till January 14th 2018 supported by COSMOTE.

The exhibition explores science fiction's long-standing influence on the full range of contemporary culture from design to cinema and literature.
The exhibition  is complemented by a series of parallel events at various stages of the Onassis Cultural Centre, such as concerts, discussions, educational programs, workshops and movie screenings.

At the same time, we support the project entitled «Soundscapes – Landscapes 2».  The artistic digital mapping of the neighborhood of Neos Kosmos is a unique creative inspiration and unique technological innovation that guides visitors, via tablet and smartphone, and with use of sounds and images, on a poetic stroll the city streets.

Summer Concerts and Events at the Athens Concert Hall Garden

OTE Group supports the Athens Concert Hall events in the garden for the past few years.

In 2015 and 2016, COSMOTE supported the unique musical evenings at the Athens Concert Hall Garden which offered its subscribers privileges for tickets via COSMOTE DEALS for YOU.

Enchanted celebrations with Eugene Trivizas at the Athens Concert Hall

With the support from OTE, the New Year's fairy tale written by Eugene Trivizas, entitled "Twelve to twelve" was brought to life at the Athens Concert Hall, during the 2014 Christmas season.  The magic of  dream-like story "Twelve to Twelve" was portrayed as a musical and took the audience on a journey through the gate of the universe, where every New Year's Eve, the Old and the New Year meet.  The new work of art by Trivizas was presented for the first time, during the period of  18 -30 December, 2014.