Health & Safety in the Workplace


Health, safety and quality of life of OTE Group employees is a precondition for the Group's sustainable development of the group. We believe that  health and safetyissues in the workplace are vital and that have direct impact on issues such as employee satisfaction, well-being, quality of work and corporate culture. 
OTE group management and employees are working systematically to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. We act proactively in this direction, taking into account the relevant provisions of legislation, standards and international best practices. All employees receive information in order to ensure the application of standards for safety and health at work. 
In addition, the companies of OTE Group plan and implement actions for the prevention, education and awareness of employees in health and safety matters. The actions of the Health & Safety unit of the OTE Group Human Resources Division are based on 2 main pillars: on the one hand  health and well-being and on the other hand  safety of employees.