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In OTE Group we use technology to create a better world for all. Our strategic goal is to be a modern, dynamic, customer-centric, high-performance organization with a leading market position.

The Group's Sustainability Strategy is an integral part of its business strategy, having its Sustainability Principles integrated into its operation.

The Group seeks to enhance its sustainable business, contributing to the support of society and the preservation of the environment.

OTE Group Business Model: OTE Group's business model aims to create value for its shareholders, but also for its customers, employees and society. In this model, the OTE Group's inputs, value creation for stakeholders, and outputs are presented.

OTE Group Corporate Responsibility Policy: The Groups' Corporate Responsibility Policy, determines the strategy and the corporate responsibility action plan of OTE and its subsidiaries, taking into account both the existing social and economic conditions, as well as the cultural priorities and challenges.

OTE Group Social Charter: The Social Charter expresses the Group's commitment to corporate governance ethics, which serves as a guide for the behavior of all its employees, investors and suppliers.

Materiality Analysis: The Group's companies identify the most important Sustainability issues, through the "Materiality Analysis", which is conducted in accordance with the Group's Corporate Risk Management approach.

Contribution to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: OTE Group companies participate in the UN Global Compact, a United Nations' initiative on sustainable development. In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). OTE Group has analyzed its impact to the SDGs throughout its value chain and has identified 7 SDGS that it mostly contributes to. These priority SDGs were linked to the Group's sustainability strategic pillars and actions.

Sustainability Team: OTE Group's Sustainability Team, consisting of more than 50 representatives from all business units, is responsible for the management of Sustainability issues. The Head of the Sustainability Team is the Executive Director Corporate Communications OTE Group.

More information in the 2017 Sustainability Report and on the online presentation of the 2017 Sustainability Data