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VIMSEN (Virtual Microgrids for Smart Energy Networks)

Objective: Smart energy networks of the future.

COSMOTE participated in the European research project VIMSEN (, aimed at implementing an innovative platform that would upgrade the conventional modus operandi of the whole electricity system and would allow energy savings and balancing of the production-charge gap, thus contributing to the promotion of renewable energy sources and environmental protection. Through the VIMSEN platform, small producers of "green" energy (e.g. household producers/consumers) will be offered the opportunity to establish dynamic associations and participate in the free buying and selling of energy via a new business model.

As part of the project, COSMOTE helped define the use-cases and technical requirements, identify system specifications and its overall evaluation. COSMOTE was also responsible for defining the communications' framework and developing the gateway that is placed at the prosumer's premises. Moreover, the company helped evaluate the project results, as well as establish the potential new business model(s).

The VIMSEN project was co-funded by the EE through the 7th Framework Program and ran for 3 years (02/2014- 01/2017). It was implemented by 7 partners both from the energy and the ICT sectors (the Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus", DEI (Public Power Corporation), COSMOTE, KEMA Nederland BV, INTELEN, TELINT and WATTICS), from 5 countries (Greece, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy).

Indicative images of the experimental equipment developed by COSMOTE: 


For more information see the project's factsheet.