COSMOTE participates in the European research project UNIQORN for quantum communication systems

COSMOTE is actively involved in UNIQORN[1], a European research project aiming at the development of innovative quantum communication systems. The objective of the project is to exploit quantum technology in applications for the general public, which is expected to signify a real revolution.

The evolution of quantum technology is about to change the information and communication society as we know it, by bringing a vast variety of new and exciting applications, such as faster computers, quantum sensors and more secure communications. UNIQORN aims at implementing highly efficient, robust, smaller scale and cost-optimized technologies from the stage of development and production to their real-life application to benefit everyone in the near future.

At COSMOTE we are closely monitoring cutting-edge technologies that are expected to fundamentally affect telecommunications, economy and society. By participating in the UNIQORN research project we aspire to achieve significant progress in the field of quantum communications, towards enabling more secure and faster communications in the future.”, stated Mr. George Tsonis, OTE Group Executive Director Network Planning & Devops.

In the context of this project, COSMOTE will evaluate the introduction of quantum technology in modern telecommunication networks, aiming at upgrading the level of communications’ security. It will also contribute to the identification of quantum applications and the definition of specifications, while focusing on associated demos.

The project is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, has a 3 year duration and 17 partners from 9 countries (Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Greece, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium).

The OTE Group is a pioneer in technological developments, as is participating in 32 innovative  EU-funded research projects in 2019 alone, while since 2009, has participated in more than 60 research projects overall. In parallel, the OTE Group's New Technologies Laboratories continue to evaluate new technologies and the telecommunications equipment of the future. Driven by technology and innovation the OTE Group aims at building a world better for all.

[1] UNIQORN – Affordable quantum communications for everyone

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