Local Communities


At the OTE Group, we have supported major cultural and sporting events over the years in every corner of our country, strengthening local communities and offering unique experiences to the public throughout Greece.

Find below some events that took place in 2018:

Keros: Telecommunication support for archaeological excavations
The excavation of Keros is a research project conducted by the British School of Athens and carried out under the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Pioneering methods for recording archeology are applied. All data is recorded digitally, through a new iOS application called iDig. the new excavations bring to light a multitude of imposing and densely-structured structures, much more impressive than we have believed to date, proving that this is one of the most important locations in the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) in the Aegean.
COSMOTE supports the excavations by covering the telecommunication needs of the archaeologists.
The excavators of Keros have been using a fully-digitized workflow system since 2016, both in the excavation field and in the workshops, which works with the innovative iDig application, and is applied for the first time in Greece for a prehistoric excavation.

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Antikythira: Support for the operation of the Climate Change Observatory operated by the National Observatory of Athens
OTE Group has provided its facilities in Antikythira for use by the National Observatory of Athens with the aim to house their scientific instruments, while also providing for their electrical power and telecommunication needs. Furthermore, through the sponsorship of telecommunication equipment –provided for use by the "Observatory of Geosciences and Climatic Change of Antikythera" (PAGGAIA) of the National Observatory of Athens— the opportunity to record parameters of particular significance for the climate of the wider region and the Mediterranean is made possible.
The "Geoscience and Climate Change Observatory of Antikythera" will be fully operational in the following years according to the international standards of the Global Meteorological Observation System (GAW / WMO) and the PANACEA (PanHellenic Infrastructure for Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change). The Observatory will gradually install the advanced scientific equipment of CEPOL to make it an integrated research center within the framework and standards of the respective European super-station (Eg. Hyper-channels of the Research Infrastructure ACTRIS, ICOS, EPOS).

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Amorgos: Amorgos Dive Big Blue 2018
The island of Amorgos hosted the “Amorgos Dive Big Blue”  International Diving Games for the second consecutive year:
At authentic Big Blue tournament, 64 athletes from 18 countries chose Amorgos because of its awe-inspiring depths, which in many instances surpass 100 meters.
The Cycladic island hosted parallel events celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Le Grand Bleu”, and visitors were acquainted with the authenticity of the local cuisine, a two-day wine festival with the participation of ten wineries from all over Greece and an underwater photography exhibition.

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Kavala: Kavala Cosmopolis Ethnic Festival 2018

235 musicians and dancers from 8 countries of the world for over 4 days with more than 15 actions flooded the old town of Kavala and the Honeymoon of Panagia in July 2018 in a unique four-day celebration, acquaintance with cultures and exchange of musical experiences and tastes in the city of Kavala. With more than 35,000 visitors, the Festival has emerged as one of the major cultural destinations of northern Greece.

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Hackathon in 16 cities in the country, Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE)
The City Challenge Crowdhackathon Smartcity 2 was completed with nearly 1,500 participants and 112 teams in 16 cities in the country that presented innovative pilot applications for the digital transformation of the Greek Municipalities. The KEDE Innovation Marathon aspires to promote "smart" ideas and technological solutions that will change the daily lives of citizens in cities during the new digital age.
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