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COSMOTE: Technicians and customers together in the fight against the coronavirus

- Practical, precautionary guidelines for everyone’s safety when technicians visit customers’ households 

Far from the safety of their homes, over 2,500 OTE Group technicians are every day at the forefront of the fight to ensure seamless telecommunications during the pandemic.
The technicians respond to over 25,000 service assignments per week, including new connections set up and repair of services. Customer requests concerning health and supplies provisioning (from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, super markets, etc.) are served with priority, usually within 24 hours. Priority is also given to requests from public services, banks and law enforcement.
The OTE Group takes all necessary measures to protect its people and its customers. Implementing the state’s protective measures and the company’s strict instructions, technicians visit customer households equipped with the necessary means of protection, and constantly keep a safe distance of 2 meters from the customer.

OTE Group technicians while working
In order to ensure mutual protection, OTE Group appeals to its customers to take the following simple precautionary measures before the visit of a technician. In particular, it is recommended:
  • Efficient ventilation of the premises
  • Work area and surfaces disinfection before and after the technician’s visit
  • Easy access facilitation to phone socket and work area, in order to minimise the time the technician spends in the premises.
  • Minimization of the number of people in the room while the technician is working.
  • Minimum distance of 2 meters from the technician.
The day before the technician’s visit, OTE Group customers will receive an SMS with the above guidelines. If any change occurs in the customer’s environment before the technician’s visit (symptoms of illness of customer or family member), 13888 should be notified to reschedule the appointment.

"Across Greece, the OTE Group’s technicians are making superhuman efforts to support our customers at this difficult time, by making their daily lives easier. We have given our people special instructions and the necessary protective equipment. We ask our customers to be just as careful about everyone’s health and safety. In this fight against the coronavirus, we are all together,” noted the OTE Group’s Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Mr. Stefanos Theocharopoulos. 

OTE Group technicians while working
Telecommunications networks and services are critical for the country and the whole Greek community to continue with everyday life, unobstructed and with safety. All OTE Group’s employees are contributing to this effort, the 13,000 people working from home, as well as  the field technicians, engineers, programmers, customer-care and IT representatives and shop personnel, that are working far from their homes’ safety.
COSMOTE will continue to support its customers and provide them with all necessary digital means, to communicate, work, learn and entertain themselves while staying at home. Because from home, better for all.

Technician visiting a hospital

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