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ΤΕΑΜ (Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility)

Objective: Green transport that adapts to traffic conditions & travelers' needs

COSMOTE participated in the European research project TEAM ( aimed at changing the nature of mobility in the streets, from static to "elastic" (mobility flexible to changing conditions and requirements), through a "collaborative" system, where all users (drivers, pedestrians, passengers on  public transport, road infrastructure operators) operate collectively, to fulfill their own needs and also blend harmoniously with the international requirements for road mobility. To that end, the TEAM project developed a total of 11 applications for mobile phones, involving all potential urban mobility stakeholders  and improving the efficiency and safety on the road, taking into account environmental factors as well.

The project combined sophisticated driving, telecommunications and telematics technologies for the efficient use of public transport, considering the respective traffic requirements, drivers' and travelers' needs, as well as the capacity of the transportation networks. Through cooperation/communication among vehicles, transport infrastructures and passengers, TEAM aimed at optimizing traffic experience in real time and at the same time making the use of infrastructure more efficient while enhancing transportation safety.

As part of the project COSMOTE contributed to the technical specifications, the system architecture, and the identification/definition of the applications to be developed, as well as participated in the pilot tests and the overall assessment of the system. Additionally, the company contributed to the project's results dissemination and exploitation activities.

TEAM was  implemented by 27 partners from 9 countries (Greece, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Sweden), including car and commercial vehicle manufacturers (e.g. BMW, VOLVO, FIAT), infrastructure suppliers (e-Trikala, Infotrip, SWARCO, etc.), ICT companies (e.g. Intel, Telecom Italia, HERE) and research institutes (ICCS, FOΚUS, TU Berlin, VTT, CREATE-NET, etc.). The project received co-funding from the EU through the 7th Framework Program and ran for four years (11/2012 – 10/2016).

For more information see the project factsheet and a related video.