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Sustainability Governance


The governance structure, which incorporates sustainability issues into core business processes, is reflected in the OTE Group Sustainability Policy.

OTE Group Sustainability Policy

The Groups’ Sustainability Policy, determines the sustainability strategy and action plan of OTE and its subsidiaries, taking into account the existing social and economic conditions, as well as the cultural priorities and challenges.

The Policy identifies responsibilities, tasks and forms of cooperation between OTE’s business units and its subsidiaries, regarding sustainability issues.

Sustainability Team

OTE Group's Sustainability Team, consisting of more than 60 representatives from several companies’ business units, is responsible for the management of sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. The team aims to:

  • Disseminate the principles and sustainability actions to the different business units of the companies
  • Raise awareness and motivate employees
  • Collect information on corporate responsibility and sustainability performance
  • Create a common corporate culture and achieve the corporate goals for sustainable development.