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Company Profile


Name: OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization)

Established in: 1949

Chairman & CEO: Michael Tsamaz

ΟΤΕ Shares: 479,939,319 (number of shares issued)

Nominal Value / Share: €2.83

Share Capital: €1,358,228,272.77

Stock exchange listings: Athens Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange. Following OTE's delisting from the New York Stock Exchange, American Depository Shares (ADSs) will be traded on the OTC (Over the Counter) market under the ticker HLTOY through the Level I ADSs program.

Date of Last General Assembly: June 12, 2019

Board of Directors: Click here to see the composition of Board of Directors

Revenue Distribution (Last 12 months - December 2018)

Growth in the number of ΟΤΕ Employees

At the beginning of 2015, 2,010 employees were transferred to OTE due to the assimilation of OTE Plus and Voicenet employees.