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The first 5G trial network in Greece by COSMOTE

  • Speeds of over 12Gbps, 60 times faster than 4G speeds, at the outdoor trial in the Municipality of Zografos
  • 5 innovative 5G applications such as a hologram transfer and a remote medical examination
  • 5G capabilities were presented to the Minister of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications, Mr N. Pappas, the Secretary General of Telecommunications, Mr V. Maglaras and the Mayor of Zografos, Mrs T. Kafatsaki
COSMOTE launched the first 5G trial network in Greece, reaching live speeds of over 12 Gbps, 60 times faster than current 4G speeds. The trial took place at an outdoor space in the Municipality of Zografos, where COSMOTE is developing a 5G pilot network.

Through innovative applications, COSMOTE in collaboration with Ericsson and Nokia, presented the unlimited capabilities of 5G networks to the Minister of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications, Mr. Nikos Pappas, the Secretary General of Telecommunications, Mr. Vassilis Maglaras and the Mayor of Zografos, Mrs. Tina Kafatsaki. The Chairman and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. M. Tsamaz also attended the demonstration, along with representatives from the Academia. COSMOTE showcased:
  • an Internet of Skills application, simulating a remote medical examination with the use of virtual reality (VR),
  • a Hologram Transfer, where people located in different places could discuss at the same place in real time,
  • the use of real time 5G automatisms using robotics to balance a ball,
  • 360° live feed in 4K definition, via virtual reality and
  • soccer penalty shots in real time, via virtual reality
The Minister of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications, Mr. Nikos Pappas stated: "Today we started the pilot implementation of 5G, from the Municipality of Zografos. This technology could improve our lives in many levels; the way we communicate, enjoy services, transport and entertain ourselves. Today we see a tangible example of how the private sector and the State -both central and local Government- can make together the necessary steps to develop and implement new technologies, in a timely and fair manner, across society. The State contributes to the development of large scale infrastructure, thus changing the country's prospects".

The Secretary General of Telecommunications, Mr. Vassilis Maglaras noted: "The systematic and consistent strategy of our Ministry gave us the opportunity to launch today, at the Municipality of Zografos, the important 5G technology. Greece will be among the countries that will adopt 5G, which changes everything, not only in telecommunications but also in new technologies. We used to be followers, but today this changes. We accomplished that by bringing together Mobile Operators with Universities which do research, and by legislating in such a way that our country will be receptive to the introduction of new technologies. We move forward, we want Greece to become the center of new technologies in Europe".

The Mayor of Zografos, Mrs. Tina Kafatsaki said: "The Municipality of Zografos becomes the first digital Municipality of Attica with the 5G pilot network implementation  and we thank the Minister of Digital Policy, Media and Telecommunications, Mr. Nikos Pappas, for giving us that opportunity. We welcome the pilot implementation of 5G and the cooperation with COSMOTE and the universities located at the Zografos Municipality, and we are confident that the new technology will change positively the way we communicate, cope and improve our everyday lives,  thus creating a new path to our city's development."

The Chairman and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. Michael Tsamaz said: "5G is the future of telecommunications. All the innovative applications that will change our lives, such as remote medical surgery and self-driving cars, will run on this technology. All these sound distant, but they are not. We are already preparing for 5G by developing the pilot network in Zografos and through our participation in numerous European research programs. We invest heavily in order to create a better world for all, through technology and innovation."

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