COSMOTE Scholarships Program


COSMOTE, in the framework of Scholarships Program 2019, for the 18th year offers 36 Scholarships to children with social and economic needs.
Specifically for the academic year 2019-2020, COSMOTE announced 35 scholarships(15.000 € each) and one honorary scholarship (20.000 €) to first-year students that have gained entrance to specific higher education institutions such as the Polytechnic School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and who also are faced with economic and social difficulties.

At the same time, with a view to fully cover the needs of young people, COSMOTE offers to Scholars laptop as well telecommunications products and services free of charge, for all the years of their studies.
The COSMOTE Scholarship Program belongs to the OTE Group's sustainable development activities, aiming to contribute to a world that is better for everyone. Since the beginning of the program in 2002 – to-date, 658 scholarships have been awarded to students, the value of which exceeds 5,5 million euro.  
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