Procurement Policy


OTE and COSMOTE recognize that the diffusion of core values ​​and standards in the supply chain is an important feature of responsible business conduct. This requires an effort to continuously increase its influence over suppliers, with the aim of promoting ethical principles, fighting corruption, protecting the environment and preventing child labor.

Since December 2013, OTE and COSMOTE have been pursuing a Common Procurement Policy, which sets out all the terms and conditions under which procurement is made. The main objectives of the Procurement Policy are:

         •      Optimizing added value in terms of cost, quality and time

         •      Ensuring transparency

         •      Complying with DT's International Procurement Policy

The Common Procurement Policy followed by the two companies does not distinguish between local and non-local suppliers. However, since both companies are active in the Greek market, it is common practice for them to support domestic suppliers.

The way in which OTE and COSMOTE suppliers are managed is summarized in the chart below.

In spite of the adverse economic conditions in Greece, OTE and COSMOTE aim to pay their suppliers in time in line with the terms set out in the contracts signed.