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Compliance Policies


The following Policies and Codes apply in the context of implementing the Compliance Management System:

Our Code of Conduct is the framework for guiding the behavior of all people in the OTE Group of companies. Specifically, the Code confirms our commitment to consistently comply with the laws and regulations governing the operation of the OTE Group of companies as well as with the requirements relating to ethical behavior, and in conjunction with the five Guiding Principles it supports the success of our Group.

OTE Group Policy on Avoiding Corruption and other Conflicts of Interest

OTE Group Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers

OTE Group Whistleblowing Policy

Binding Corporate Rules Privacy

OTE Group Policy on Insider Trading

OTE Group Policy on Anti-Trust Law

OTE Group Donation Policy

OTE Group Sponsoring Policy

OTE Group Policy on Accepting and Granting of Benefits

OTE Group Anti-Fraud Policy

OTE Group Event Policy

Policy on Avoiding Sexual Harassment within OTE Group

OTE Group Sustainability Policy
Policy on Concluding Transactions with Related Parties