Performance & Impact Measurement


Transparent performance information enables OTE Group to communicate its current success stories and future expectations. The measurement of our performance and impact is achieved through various means, such as:

- ESG KPIs: We have set a series of ESG KPIs to measure, monitor and improve our performance on sustainability issues, throughout OTE Group. The KPIs are disclosed in the Groups’ Sustainability Report, with a number of them published, as well, in the  Non- Financial Report of the Annual Financial Report.

- Sustainability Goals: We set sustainability goals, on an annual basis, to improve our operations. As such, we develop programs and actions in order to achieve them, by closely monitoring their progress and communicating their performance. These goals, as well as their progress status, are included in the Sustainability Report and its Appendix.

- ESG Impact Measurement: We are constantly striving to improve the measurement of our impact on the society and the environment, through our operation and initiatives. In our 2018 Sustainability Report, we have included the Group’s economic impact (in Greece), the environmental impact of our end-device refurbishment plant and the social impact of our program for the development of the elderly’s digital skills.  

- SRIs Indices/Indicators: We respond to sustainable development/ socially responsible investment analysts’ questions and assessments. The results from these assessments are very useful for the measurement of our performance on ESG issues.

- UN SDGs: We track our efforts to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts incurred by OTE Group’s actions, aimed at contributing towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In the 2018 Sustainability Report, relevant key figures are presented for each of the SDGs, showcasing OTE Group’s significant contribution.