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The company “HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANIZATION S.A.” (OTE or the Company) was established in the form of a societe anonyme ( Private Law Entity) by Mandatory Law 1049/1949 (Government Gazette A 193/1949) and operates today - in accordance with its Articles of Association, the current legislation on societes anonymes and the legislation applicable to companies listed  a regulated market (Athens Stock Exchange). The Company’s duration has been set at 100 years from the publication of the Joint Ministerial Decision No. 88498/96 in the Government Gazette ( 1165/B/27.12.1996).

The Company's registered offices are in the Municipality of Marousi, Attica (at 99 Kifissias Avenue). It trades under the distinctive title “OTE S.A.” or “OTE”, it is registered in the General Business Registry under number 1037501000 (former Companies Reg. No. 347/06/Β/86/10) and its Tax Identification Number is 094019245.