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OTE: 10 years at the FTSE4Good indexes, among world’s top companies on sustainable growth

For the 10th year, OTE is listed among world's top companies on sustainable development issues, significantly contributing to the society, the environment and the responsible corporate governance, according to the international FTSE4Good indexes.

OTE is one of the 9 Greek companies included in the FTSE4Good Emerging index. The FTSE4Good Index Series is an important investment tool for the evaluation of listed companies over their sustainable growth practices, aiming at socially responsible investments.

"Responsibility in business operations is inseparably connected to sustainability and growth. Investors, employees but also the consumers are turning into companies that contribute to the society, the environment and operate in transparency. With the benefits of the new technologies, we become more productive and flexible, we reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to the society. Our vision is to make our world better for all" said Deppie Tzimea, the OTE Group Corporate Communications Executive Director.

During its recent evaluation, OTE reached high performances, meeting the FTSE4Good high standards, while managed to improve its scores. The FTSE4Good Emerging index includes more than 500 companies from more than 20 developing markets.

The FTSE4Good Index Series, was created by the global financial index provider, FTSE Russell (a trading name of FTSE International Limited and Frank Russell Company) is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong environmental, social and governance practices.

OTE Group participates in a number of global sustainable growth indexes and is evaluated by socially responsible investment entities, constantly improving its scores.

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