The following table depicts the outstanding bonds under the GMTN which are listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange and traded on the secondary market. The relevant documentation can be viewed by clicking on the the respective bond link.

As of 30/06/2019

Notes under Global Medium Term Note Programme Code (ISIN) Nominal Amount in € million Amount under IFRS in € million Coupon Maturity date
4.375% € 350 mil. XS1327539976 350.0 349.3 4.375% Dec 02, 2019
3.5% € 700 mil. XS1086785182 700.0 698.3 3.500% Jul 09, 2020
2,375% € 400mil XS1857022609 400.0 397,7 2,375% Jul 18, 2022
Total   1,450.0 1,445.3    

Notes :   

1) OTE issues bonds under the Global Medium Term Note (GMTN) Programme. The most recently updated GMTN documentation can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


OTE PLC GMTN Prospectus Supplement 12 September 2019

2) On 24/09/2019, OTE plc issued a €500 million, 7-year fixed rate bond with an annual coupon of 0.875% (XS2055106137). The bond was issued under the GMTN Programme, with the guarantee of OTE S.A. and has been listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Final Terms €500 million, 7-year fixed rate bond