COSMOTE trials Nokia’s Augmented Reality Services in OTE Group Telecommunications Museum

-      Museum’s visitors can see, through 6 Augmented Reality aplications, exhibits coming to life, such as Samuel Morse sending a message through a Morse code translator

-      Implementation of Nokia’s Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) solution


COSMOTE completed a pilot implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) services at OTE Group Telecommunications Museum in Athens, through Nokia’s Multi-Access Edge Computing solution. The goal of this pilot implementation is to leverage AR Technology, in order to offer such services to COSMOTE customers.

COSMOTE in collaboration with Nokia and OTE Group Telecommunication Museum created six AR applications about the museum’s exhibits. By placing a smart device in front of those exhibits, the AR applications bring them to life by digitally rebuilding them, thus showing how they were used in the past. For example OTE Group Telecommunication Museum’s visitors may now see, through AR, Samuel Morse send a message through a Morse code translator. The trial shows the great potential of Augmented Reality technology and how it could enhance the visitors’ digital experience in any Museum or archeological site in Greece.

OTE Group Executive Director Network Planning & Devops, Mr. Giorgos Tsonis stated, “In the new digital era, cutting edge technologies could shape our future and make our lives better. COSMOTE is always at the forefront of innovation and our trial with Nokia will help us leverage AR technology for learning and designing AR services. Through technology and innovation, we create a better world for all.”

COSMOTE in cooperation with Nokia deployed Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) solution at the edge of the existing COSMOTE network in OTE GroupTelecommunications Museum. It is an end-to-end solution comprising network design, systems integration as well as application and content development sourced from a subcontractor partner who is experienced in developing AR content. 
Konstantinos Koroneos, Customer Team Head, Nokia Hellas stated, “We have created an ecosystem where new and innovative services offerings like AR will improve Customer Experience on top of the traditional services like data and voice. We are confident that the low latency and high degree of interactivity of our solution will enable a rich end-user experience and open new windows of opportunity for COSMOTE.”

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