MOVEMENT (Extending and Experimenting upon the MONROE (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe) platform towards Voice and VidEo StreaMing AssEssmeNT in Mobile Networks (1st MONROE OpenCall)

Objective: Assessment of voice and video streaming services in mobile networks

COSMOTE is taking part in the MONROE European research project by participating in the MOVEMENT project ( which has been selected through the 1st open call for experimenters to access to the prototype platform. MONROE proposes to design and operate the first European transnational open platform for independent, multi-homed, large-scale monitoring and assessment of performance of MBB networks in heterogeneous environments by correlating network performance indicators with objective information on the experience levels perceived by the end-users. In this context, MOVEMENT aims to add significant value to the existing MONROE platform through the provisioning of an open access "toolbox" of innovative components that will support the experimentation and analysis of voice and video streaming services over 4G/Wi-Fi mobile data networks and will address the needs of the broader industrial and scientific communities.

In the context of MOVEMENT, COSMOTE participates in the geographical expansion of the existing MONROE monitoring network with the deployment, integration, and operation of a set of new stationary and mobile nodes as well as in the experimentation and analysis of VoIP/VoLTE and VoD over 4G/Wi-Fi data networks.

The MONROE project receives co-funding from the EU through the Horizon 2020 Framework Program and is being implemented by 7 partners from 4 European countries (Norway, Spain, Sweden, Italy), while MOVEMENT is being implemented with the joint forces of COSMOTE and FERON TECHNOLOGIES P.C. (Greece) and will run for 18 months (6/2016-11/2017).