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Michael Tsamaz


Michael Tsamaz 

Chairman & CEO, OTE Group

Michael Tsamaz heads OTE Group, the largest technology company in Greece and subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, since November 2010.

Under his leadership, with sustainability as a key driver, OTE Group managed to streamline its financials, create new revenue streams and transform into a modern, customer centric, tech enterprise, with COSMOTE as the unified brand for its fixed, mobile, internet and pay TV products and services. Its healthy financials allow OTE Group to implement a comprehensive, long term investment plan in fiber optic networks, mobile NGNs, Pay TV and ICT services, advancing Greece’s technology infrastructure and contributing to the sustainable growth of the economy, the society and the environment.

Since 2001, Michael Tsamaz held several senior roles within OTE, overseeing the course of its international investments, where he reformed operations, and served as CEO & BoD member for a number of OTE & COSMOTE international subsidiaries. He also served as BoD member of EE, UK. Before joining OTE Group, he held high ranking positions in Marketing, Sales & General Management for multinational companies such as Vodafone and Philip Morris.

Michael Tsamaz is a strong advocate of technology as the means to sustainable growth. Back in 2016, he set a new vision for OTE Group to become a digital transformation paradigm in Greece, as well as in Europe. From his position as head of the Digital Economy Committee of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and member of the Athens Digital Council, he focuses on policy making proposals in order to bridge the digital gap nationwide, while creating awareness for the merits of the new digital era through education.

Mr Tsamaz holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.