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A Holistic, Innovative Framework for the Design, Development and Orchestration οf 5G-Ready Applications and Network Services over Sliced Programmable Infrastructure
 (6/2017 – 12/2019)

Aim: The design and implementation of a novel holistic 5G end-to-end services operational framework for 5G-ready applications and 5G network services over programmable infrastructure

COSMOTE participates in the European research project MATILDA ( which aims at devising and realizing a radical shift in the development of software for 5G-ready applications, as well as virtual and physical network functions and network services, through the adoption of a unified programmability model, the definition of proper abstractions and the creation of an open development environment that may be used by application as well as network functions developers.

The project objectives are the following:

  • To facilitate vertical industries to exploit the full potential of 5G ecosystem by enabling the development, deployment and orchestration of network-aware applications, incorporating technological and business requirements coming from all potential stakeholders (the industry, the research community, service providers and telecom operators, software development enterprises and application users)
  • To provide application developers, service providers and operators with an open-source development and application/services composition environment along with a critical mass of VNFs/PNFs and network-aware chainable application components, as well as denoting policies to be applied during applications provisioning
  • To provide an orchestrator able to deploy and manage network-aware applications over dynamically created network slices, supporting deployment and runtime policies enforcement, data monitoring, fusion and analysis and a context awareness engine for inference of knowledge based on the collected information
  • To provide dynamic end efficient management of cloud computing and network resources
  • To prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness and value of the MATILDA framework for vertical industries, demonstrating and stress-testing the developed MATILDA artifacts under pragmatic conditions against a pre-defined set of use cases (media, emergency communications, smart cities, Industry 4.0, automotive) over the available 5G testbeds.
In this project COSMOTE stands as the Quality Manager of the project and leads the activities of validation and performance evaluation and adoption guidelines of the implemented software. Furthermore, COSMOTE is responsible for the project’s impact maximization and assessment.

The project is co-funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 Programme, within the scope of the 5G-PPP Phase 2 framework and will last 2.5 years; it is realized with the participation of 17 partners from 8 countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, and Israel).

Matilda 5G Distributed Network and Compute Resources Infrastructure​

Matilda end-2-end flow concept