OTE Group contributes to a better world for all, through technology and innovation. Our aim is to make technology accessible to all, so as to reduce the digital devide and to gain equal access to the opportunities of the digital era.

Additionally, the Group contributes to society through programs and initiatives for the support of vulnerable social groups, children, education, entrepreneurship, local communities, culture and sports. Specifically:

  • Children and Vulnerable Social Groups
The Group constantly supports children in need and vulnerable social groups. It contributes towards the work of non-profit organizations and institutions, providing them financial support, free telecommunication products and services (which are important for their operation), as well as through voluntary corporate actions.
  • Education
Education and development of technological skills is essential for all ages. OTE Group invests in young people and supports lifelong learning. In this framework, we conduct program and actions for the development of the necessary skills for young people’s professional path and the improvement of elderly’s quality of life. 
OTE Group aims to improve the living conditions and sustainability of the local communities in which it operates. In this context we analyze and assess the local communities’ needs and implement specific sponsorship programs, which include financial help to local organizations, sports clubs, cultural events, etc.
Recognizing the needs of modern enterprises, OTE Group offers the most effective and integrated communication and technology solutions. It develops and offers specialized services for small and medium businesses and promotes relative initiatives and conferences.
OTE Group aims to promote and sustain the countries’ cultural heritage through the use of technology and the support of cultural institutions and initiatives. We express and demonstrate our support with a wide range of sponsorship activities throughout Greece, implemented with the know-how and innovative products of our Group.
OTE Group, actively supports athletics and major sport events, sponsors sports clubs and institutions as well as encourages its employees to participate in sporting activities and cultivate a competitive athletic spirit.